[you fuck up my head]

"I was with others guys. I was over you. Of course I was. I rarely even thought about you anymore.

Then last night I saw you. I met you at a friend’s. We barely talked. But I’m used to that. We always did this. No talking and then suddenly we were back in each other's lives.

God, you are so hard to figure out. I wish I could have figured you out then. That would have stopped me from still wondering now.

Because now I've got all these feeling back in my body. Feelings I thought I no longer had - but know now that I'd just hidden away in a tiny box and kept in my heart (and maybe forgotten a little bit about.)"


Postat av: Anna Sidenbäck

Sv; du påpekar väl inte alls småfel HELA TIDEN? ;o men de finns andra som gör de.. you know who!! :o :D:D<3

2010-04-20 @ 14:58:05
URL: http://sidenback.blogg.se/

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