åttonde februari tvåtusentio

it's been so long, since we sang our last song
it's been so long, since you held me
but everyday it felt just like yesterday,
and everyday my heart where with you
it where with all the memories,
and the hope
of my fariytale,

I can't count all the times I tried to let go,
but I end up thinkin,
one day, you'll be back

and I can't count all the times I thought
I've got over you
and then I could not breath,
by the sight of you

everything you where to me,
the way you where with me
it's not who you're today

so this day ain't an easy day
it's a sad day
it's a day of memories

it's a day that should not appear on the calender

and it's a day
to let go of my fariytale


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